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The Bohemian Modern Style Interior

The Bohemian Modern Style Interior

The hottest interior trend in 2017 is one for the dreamers.  Think of Bohemian Scandinavian interiors, whimsical and relaxed paired with natural materials, pattern on pattern and plenty of greenery.
It's a far cry from the minimalist style that we all know and have been accustomed to, but the Boho trend is fast becoming one of the biggest interior trends, and we love it!

The recipe for bohemian interiors often includes: heavy use of textiles, distressed and mismatched furniture, bright colors, and eclectic accessories, turning spaces with the sense of wanderlust and adventure.

Here are some tips on giving your house the boho look.

Add Textiles
The use of textiles is key to creating a bohemian look.  Rugs and wall-hangings have a place. Layering rugs is a classic bohemian design trick – it creates a more visually interesting space. Don’t be afraid of mixing patterns either; if the room is styled right it’ll all blend together and look seamless.  Macrame wall hangings are gorgeous and add texture and depth to a space.

Add Colour
A true bohemian embraces color and doesn’t believe in decorating with neutrals. Common colors used in bohemian design are cobalt blue, fuchsia, green, yellow, and red. Slightly faded or washed-out versions of these colors are also beautiful and will create a softer palette. Using multiple colors in a room is a must – matching doesn’t exist in bohemian design!

While wanting to go full Bohemian is tempting, don’t abandon your personal style! There are plenty of ways to add in boho elements without completely changing up your whole home.

This week, we have welcomed a number of new homewares, that embrace the bohemian spirit.  From macramé hangings, to cushions, to artwork and so much more.  Visit us in-store to start your journey into the bohemian world of interiors.

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