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There’s no denying it, furs are in, and in a big way this season.  Despite being right on trend, furs are an ultimate classic, that belong in every girls wardrobe.


Okay, we admit, once upon a time fur coats were quite a niche look, either super rich socialite or granny chic style.  However, this changed around 5 years ago.  Everyone wants to look like a million dollars! And fur coats (faux or real) are now for everyone. 


At Dutchess Martha, not only do we have a huge range of both faux and real coats, we can customize your coat and make it yours.   Choose you style, your colour, customize the details.  Make your coat special.


So now that we know we can customize your coat to suit you, the next step is to learn how to wear a fur coat?


Glam it up.  When you are dressed to the T, silk dress, stilettos, or boots, jewellery, make-up, the fur coat is the perfect completion of the outfit.  Call it the Monte Carlo look.



The Cool-Casual look.  This is one of the easiest looks (and definitely our favourite).  It’s effortless, so easy to do, and really you can’t go wrong.  Whether it’s meeting friends, going shopping or just running errands, just pop your fur coat on top.  Sneakers, sweatpants, activewear, caps, sweaters, t-shirts – anything!  This is the look of 2017!


The sophisticated look.  This is your fashion outfit, topped with a fur coat. Dresses, leather pants, heels, etc,


Furs… we know you want one… customize your own at Dutchess Martha.  This is the one item your wardrobe needs and won’t regret xx

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